Hagedorn’s Appliances has remained committed to quality, home, and community for over 80 years. When homeowners, designers, and builders step into our showroom, they are met with a friendly welcome that sets the tone for a buying experience like none other. From sales to delivery to repair, our team brings extensive knowledge, a commitment to great work, and a classic approach to customer service.

A Team Like No Other

You don’t thrive as a premium appliance dealer for over 80 years with an average team. At Hagedorn’s Appliances, each of our dedicated employees brings a deep commitment to our customers and to our community. We spend countless hours training on the detailed aspects of appliances and educating our team about the latest models, features, and promotions for our customers. It's simple, we want the very best employees who can maintain the positive reputation our team has created in homes and businesses across our community.

An Unforgettable Experience

Do you see yourself becoming part of an unforgettable customer service experience?
It's a priority in everything we do.

Each client who enters our showroom is greeted warmly by a Sales Specialist who listens to their needs and budget before guiding them toward their ideal selections. Once appliances are chosen, the Delivery Team ensures each product is transported and installed with extreme care. When the time comes for repairs, our Service & Repair Experts are standing by with extensive knowledge and great attention to detail. Our Office Staff works hard to ensure success for both our clients and team members throughout the entire process.

Where We Make a Difference

Through our unique, fine-tuned buying experience, we have been able to help homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas discover the most reliable premium appliances in the industry for decades. But there's more to us than just the work of selling, delivering, and servicing appliances. Hagedorn's remains committed to making a difference in the lives of those in need in our community through our established relationships with two non-profits. See our Community page to learn more.

Become Part of Hagedorn’s History

If you choose to contact us, we will expect that you are looking to work for a company that is committed to doing business with integrity every single day. That's just one of the standards our founder, Bill Hagedorn, established when he started the company in 1941. Do you have similar standards that you work and live by? If so, we would like to meet you.

Searching for

The word AWESOME is unique, and we take that word very seriously. That's what every person on our team is striving to achieve as they do their job each day. At Hagedorn’s we are on a mission to find, develop, and work with AWESOME team members. If you believe you have the characteristics of an AWESOME individual, we'd love to hear from you.

Attentive Welcoming Earnest Steady Optimistic Mature Effective

Something to Think About

Walk in our door ready to help our team achieve AWESOME and see how we respond. We're already prepared to give you 100% of our support toward your growth and your career; it's just how we treat every committed member of our team.

Discover your unique opportunity to grow with
our exceptional team at Hagedorn's. Call us today!